Celebrating Epiphany: God’s Story Extended to All

Rob Spykstra In an empirical world where if it can’t be measured it isn’t real, we need days like today, Epiphany, to remind ourselves that we live in an enchanted world, that is, one that cannot be so easily quantified, measured and put into a nice, neat little box.  Epiphany means “revelation” or “an unveiling”Continue reading “Celebrating Epiphany: God’s Story Extended to All”

Christmas is Counter-Cultural

Kendra Thompson In high school, I had my own sense of style: bleached streaks in my dishwater blonde hair and a preference for thrift store clothing. I wasn’t trying to stand out, but neither was I working hard to blend in. So, in 12th grade social studies, I was surprised one day when a classmateContinue reading “Christmas is Counter-Cultural”

Meekness on the Court

Joel Rohde To learn about what is truly important to a society one simply needs to look at their budget and their calendar.  Where do they spend their money and where to they spend their time?  According to a 2017 study by WinterGreen Research, youth sports are a 15.3 billion dollar industry. The Aspen InstituteContinue reading “Meekness on the Court”

Reading the Bible in Advent

Pamela Rohde “I have seen all the things that are done under the sun; all of them are hevel, a chasing after the wind,” says the Teacher in Ecclesiastes 1:14.  Some versions of the Bible translate hevel as “meaningless” but it also carries the meaning “vapor.” That means all the things done on earth areContinue reading “Reading the Bible in Advent”

“It’s Different Here”

Welcome to Morning Star Academy Writes: the new blog connecting families and faculty, staff and alumni through the power of story. We wanted you to be the first to know about this new project, “It’s Different Here,” A weekly Advent blog series, slated to begin next week. What to expect? Expect one post per weekContinue reading ““It’s Different Here””