Certain Hope for Uncertain Times

Josh Seaberg When I was first approached about writing for the Lenten series Jesus, Teach us How to Die, I was certain of how I would address the topic. I was heading to Peru on a medical mission trip over spring break, and what better opportunity is there to speak about dying to self andContinue reading “Certain Hope for Uncertain Times”

Quarantine Questions

Anna Carrington I’ve been mulling the question at the end of Headmaster Rob Spykstra’s blog post: How is God using the virus to shape your soul? That question is a disruptive challenge. As Christians we can say, “we’ll grow through this” instead of chanting with everyone else “we’ll get through this.” Last week, a MorningContinue reading “Quarantine Questions”

Dad Church in the Age of the Virus

John Thompson “Dying in Lent” has surely taken on a whole new meaning now that we are in the virus times. One thing we’re all dealing with is dying to church—at least the kind of church we’re used to where you get up on Sunday morning and haul yourself and family off to a brickContinue reading “Dad Church in the Age of the Virus”

Don’t Waste the Virus

Rob Spykstra If there’s one title that has stuck with me and given me pause for nearly a decade it is pastor-theologian, John Piper’s, Don’t Waste Your Cancer. The book was an expansion of an article he wrote on the eve of his prostate cancer surgery. The phrasing expresses a rock-solid belief that God isContinue reading “Don’t Waste the Virus”

Jesus Teach Us How to Die

David McIntosh Art Linkletter introduced us to the colloquialism, “Kids say the darndest things.” Most parents have stories of times and places which mark the truthfulness of this observation. The wildest things spoken at the worst possible time produce fertile soil for a lifetime of laughs and gasps. Mr. Linkletter reminded us that children haveContinue reading “Jesus Teach Us How to Die”

Lenten Blog Series: Jesus Teach Us How to Die

Kendra Thompson As I posted Skyler Sandry’s excellent article on Wednesday, I was a bit remiss in that my timing could have been better. Our new blog series, focusing on the penitent season of Lent, probably should have started on Ash Wednesday, the day that marks – literally, with ashes – the beginning of thisContinue reading “Lenten Blog Series: Jesus Teach Us How to Die”

“Big Time Athletics” & Myth-Busting in the Christian School

Skyler Sandry I’ve played basketball in small environments throughout my whole high school and collegiate career. I received recognition on the state level for athletic accomplishments in high school, and was even ‘All American’ two times in college. Throughout these accomplishments, it wouldn’t have been nearly as memorable or fun without the concept of “bigContinue reading ““Big Time Athletics” & Myth-Busting in the Christian School”

Love & a Leap of Faith: How We Ended up at Morning Star Academy

Laura Miller This is February, the month that is traditionally about love.  What do you love?  The usual things probably come to mind.  Common answers would be your spouse, kids, God. Our children might say their favorite toy or candy. I have children that range from twenty-two to eight years old. Each of them isContinue reading “Love & a Leap of Faith: How We Ended up at Morning Star Academy”

Children Learn to Love What We Teach Them to Love

Brenda Porter Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things. Philippians 4:8 Last weekend, I went to see Little WomenContinue reading “Children Learn to Love What We Teach Them to Love”