Don’t Waste the Virus

Rob Spykstra

If there’s one title that has stuck with me and given me pause for nearly a decade it is pastor-theologian, John Piper’s, Don’t Waste Your Cancer. The book was an expansion of an article he wrote on the eve of his prostate cancer surgery. The phrasing expresses a rock-solid belief that God is in control of every event for soul-shaping purposes. 

In light of that title, I’m challenging myself to consider what soul-shaping purposes God has for me in this unique moment in history. Here are a few of my musings. 

This virus is causing me to . . .   

1.  Sacrificially serve my neighbor

Denying myself the pleasures of gathering — even good, godly gatherings like corporate worship — serves my vulnerable neighbor. Who would have thought that not corporately worshiping would be a way to love my neighbor? Or, consider this. Who would have thought that knocking on my neighbor’s door and asking, “Do you need any toilet paper?” could be a missional activity. 

2.  Quietly reflect on my soul’s idols

I’ve had revelatory, cold-sweat moments of anxiety. I had no idea how much I’ve come to rely on 392 Coffee; or how much I trust my bank account. My anxiety has that ridiculous range. This virus gives opportunity to see into the soul. 

3.  Appreciate the moment

Initially, solid information had a two to three day shelf life. Then it was 24 hours. Then it was six hours. Now it is two hours or less. This virus is causing me to measure life by the moment; basking in that reality and enjoying those I am with and what I am doing right now. 

4.  Read the Psalms

The Psalms were given for this moment. While I haven’t plumbed the depths of anguish or terror like David in Psalm 55, I’m closer. His words are more real. His answers are more solid.

5.  Rest in God’s character

When the earth totters, and all its inhabitants . . . ” (Psalm 75:3a) 

It really feels like my world is tottering. Good news . . . 

“It is I who keep steady its pillars.” (Psalm 75:3b)

Watching the stock market plunge feels much like the second half of Psalm 46:2, 

“though the mountains be moved into the heart of the sea.” 

Yet, the psalmist writes, “We will not fear.” 

Why not? 

“God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” (Psalm 46:1). 

These are five, soul-shaping purposes God has shown me in this unique time. How is God using the virus to shape your soul?

Rob Spykstra has been part of the classical Christian movement for nearly twenty years, first as a homeschool dad, then as a fundraiser, and now as a headmaster. Rob is married to Tamra. They have four children, all classically trained. He serves as an elder at Sacred City Church. Tamra and Rob enjoy hiking and walking, particularly in Rob’s home state of Colorado.

4 thoughts on “Don’t Waste the Virus

  1. Oh Pastor Rob- I have been struggling with how my heart should respond to the reality of this virus. The Lord has worked in my heart through the night, beginning with an extended time of prayer through text, praying through Psalm 91 yesterday.
    Laura Ruwe sent your post to me yesterday.
    Your words resounded with such wisdom as my heart said ‘Yes and Amen!’ to all you said.
    The Lord confirmed to me that your words were the way for my heart to respond.
    And- I wondered who wrote these words- and as I reached the end of the post, there was your picture. The Lord was speaking to us through the wisdom He has given to you. Again and again and again through the years.
    Thanking God for your wisdom.
    Please greet Tamra and your family.
    We love and respect you all so much.


  2. Your post brought me back to reality – God is our Refuge and Strength.
    The wisdom the Lord has blessed you with has helped me and shaped my thinking in the past. It helps me today.
    Thanking God…


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