The things I’m learning.

Brenda Porter David Letterman’s Late Show was famous for its top ten lists. In keeping with that excellent tradition, I share my list. Here are the top three things I’ve learned from the pandemic. Number 3: God’s World Is Medicine for the Soul. I now look forward to my regular walks along the Mississippi River,Continue reading “The things I’m learning.”

What Am I Learning? Expect More

Gregory Bradford “Then give it up, Crito, and let us follow this course, since God points out the way” (Crito 54 d-e). As I prepare to discuss the final section of Plato’s dialogue, Crito, I notice four hands shoot up into the air. All four students have the same exact question. “Was Socrates a Christian?”Continue reading “What Am I Learning? Expect More”

Blessed Anticipation

“For unto you a child is born, unto us a Son is given…”                                                                                                 -Isaiah 9:6a Reid Walters Christmas is a season that is steeped in anticipation: the anticipation of seeing loved ones, the anticipation of giving and receiving gifts and, most importantly, the anticipation of celebrating the birth of the Messiah. However, the anticipationContinue reading “Blessed Anticipation”

Arriving at Our Origins

Joanie Mercy Etymology, or “the origin of words” is a natural study for a student of ancient languages.  Latin is especially fitting to study since it is a root language of our modern English.  Many words we use every day are actually Latin words.  Many more are derived from Latin ones.  Looking at the originContinue reading “Arriving at Our Origins”