Love & a Leap of Faith: How We Ended up at Morning Star Academy

Laura Miller

This is February, the month that is traditionally about love.  What do you love?  The usual things probably come to mind.  Common answers would be your spouse, kids, God. Our children might say their favorite toy or candy.

I have children that range from twenty-two to eight years old. Each of them is a unique gift from God. These relationships are important to me and I love our time together because I appreciate how fast they grow and are out of the house.

When my husband and I were faced with a school decision for our youngest, we wanted to find a school that helped reinforce our goals for her. We started doing research. 

We were not new to Christian education but we were lacking in the basic knowledge of the classical Christian education model. According to the Classical Christian website, “Classical Christian education establishes a biblical world view (Paideia) by incorporating ancient methods of student development.”

This piqued our interest and led us to meet with staff and tour Morning Star Academy. We were hearing great things. We then consulted friends, our older children, our pastor and experienced teachers and trusted family members for advice.

According to the ACCS, “…since the time of the early church, Christians have been about training students to love the true, the good and the beautiful.  And to “rightly order” those loves so that we love first our God, and then our neighbor.  This means that we order our affections as God would.” 

This value statement really resonated with us and after much prayerful deliberation, we decided that we needed to put God first and trust that He had a plan for us and that the classical education model really did align with what we were trying to reinforce for our daughter.

We ultimately chose to make a leap of faith and to embrace the Classical Christian approach with our youngest daughter at Morning Star Academy. We love watching her develop a biblical world view and order her loves; both of which prepare her to incorporate these values into her life and ultimately pass them on to the next generation.

For further reading, Laura Miller recommends: What is Classical Christian Education? 

Laura Miller holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  She loves to cook, read, play volleyball, travel and watch her daughters play golf.  Laura and her husband Matt have three daughters, the youngest of which attends Morning Star Academy. 

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