A Third Grade Glimpse into the Grammar Stage

Editor’s note: This post is the first in a series on how we teach the Trivium at Morning Star Academy. The Trivium forms the structure of classical education. It includes three stages: Grammar (grades K-5), Logic (6-8) and Rhetoric (9-12). “For the sole true end of education is simply this: to teach men how toContinue reading “A Third Grade Glimpse into the Grammar Stage”

The Rohdes Hit the Road

Kendra Thompson Joel and Pam Rohde have never lived outside of Iowa. They met at Central College in Pella where they studied ministry, music, and art. When Joel became a pastor and Pam became a mom, she held many quirky side jobs. Everything from Airport baggage handling to Greek tutor to shave ice franchise management,Continue reading “The Rohdes Hit the Road”

When Pilgrims Eat Cake: Reflections on Psalm 145

Anna Carrington At my fifth birthday party, I demanded a particular piece of the cake my younger sister and I were sharing for our joint celebration. As I made this demand, I informed the guests—my friends—that they would all receive party favors and that they should therefore “Be grateful!” for whatever piece of cake theyContinue reading “When Pilgrims Eat Cake: Reflections on Psalm 145”

Disrupt My Tunnel Vision, Lord

Joel Rohde Something that often scares me is how quickly I can begin living as if all that really matters is me.  I am quick to make resolving the littlest inconveniences central to my actions and sometimes I elevate those miniscule annoyances to a level of importance that must seem comical, if not completely narcissisticContinue reading “Disrupt My Tunnel Vision, Lord”

Permission to Complain

Rob Spykstra You’ve made the polite but inauthentic query at work. “How are you doing?” You are expecting the one word reply, “great” or “fine” only to be stopped in your tracks with, “terrible.” Brutal honesty, it can be refreshing.  This is why I value Psalm 44. The psalmist vividly expresses his perceived, angry realityContinue reading “Permission to Complain”

The things I’m learning.

Brenda Porter David Letterman’s Late Show was famous for its top ten lists. In keeping with that excellent tradition, I share my list. Here are the top three things I’ve learned from the pandemic. Number 3: God’s World Is Medicine for the Soul. I now look forward to my regular walks along the Mississippi River,Continue reading “The things I’m learning.”

What Am I Learning? Expect More

Gregory Bradford “Then give it up, Crito, and let us follow this course, since God points out the way” (Crito 54 d-e). As I prepare to discuss the final section of Plato’s dialogue, Crito, I notice four hands shoot up into the air. All four students have the same exact question. “Was Socrates a Christian?”Continue reading “What Am I Learning? Expect More”