Disrupt My Tunnel Vision, Lord

Joel Rohde

Something that often scares me is how quickly I can begin living as if all that really matters is me.  I am quick to make resolving the littlest inconveniences central to my actions and sometimes I elevate those miniscule annoyances to a level of importance that must seem comical, if not completely narcissistic to people around me.  It is easy to live in a sort of tunnel vision where MY agenda, MY problems, MY health, MY finances, MY dreams all become the driving force that dictates how I go about my life and interact with the people around me.

One of the many reasons a daily dive into the Psalms is important is because it has the power to blow open my tunnel vision and remind me that the one in control of all of this is not me but rather, it is a good God who is in love with his people and desires to dwell with them.  Take Psalm 25:4-11 for example.  David says in this chapter that he is “lonely and afflicted”.  I’m sure many of us experienced some level loneliness and affliction this past year.  While David wants to appeal to God for help, he is careful to rightly place God as the one who is powerful enough to do anything about his loneliness and afflictions and surrender himself to God’s instruction.  David’s path belongs to God and he wants to learn it.  Truth belongs to God and he wants to be taught.  After acknowledging these things David asks God to turn a blind eye to the fact that he was a rebellious youth. He mentions his many iniquities and his need for forgiveness.

David puts full confidence in God’s mercies and love that have been revealed throughout history.  Perhaps we would do well to do the same.  Perhaps our prayer should be that God would teach us our path and his truth.  The best news of every day can be found in Psalms when we realize that we aren’t in control and because of the great God we serve, we don’t have to be.

Joel Rohde served as pastor of worship and youth at North Ridge Community Church in Eldridge for 14 years before transitioning to his current role as pastor of worship and discipleship.  Joel has a deep love for the the church and Classical Christian Education. He coaches fifth and sixth grade students at Morning Star Academy and is committed to using the sport as a tool to guide students toward a life of discipleship and service in God’s Kingdom.

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