Stay the Course

Betsy Tubbs

My son began attending Morning Star Academy as a 3-year-old preschooler.  He came home from his first day of school and told his Dad and me that “School was fun, except for the work part.”  This was the beginning of a challenging educational journey through MSA up to his graduation! 

School can be hard and for a lot of kids, it is hard.  And that hard is tough for students and parents alike and sometimes we can lose perspective.  Sitting at the kitchen table night after night watching and listening to them struggle, cry, and feel dumb is so very difficult!  Sometimes it’s tempting to throw in the towel.  However, from someone on the other side of the challenging educational journey MSA offers, know it is worth it and God is good through it all.

My son graduated from MSA, went on to college, where he thrived, enjoyed learning and graduated with his BA.  MSA prepared him to defend his beliefs and respectfully challenge his professors!  The transition from MSA to college was easy.  He watched his new friends struggle while he adapted easily.  He finally felt like the smart one!  He wrote numerous papers, was regularly praised for his writing ability and was asked to present and defend one of his undergraduate papers at a national conference.  Who would have guessed that the struggling MSA student would earn the honor graduate award of his major?   

Fast forward a few years, he is in an intense language program for his job.  He is taught Spanish for 8 hours a day, for 6 months with the goal of passing an oral interview test that grades his fluency in the language.  When he started the program, he told me he was light years ahead of his co-workers.  He could see exactly where his Shurley grammar lessons were helping; he could see exactly where his Latin classes were helping and of course, he could see where his Spanish classes were helping.  My son, 20+ years after beginning MSA can truly see and experience the benefits of his challenging educational journey.

To those parents that are tired – stay the course!  To the teachers that are tired – stay the course.  To the students that feel dumb and don’t understand why MSA is having them do what they have to do – stay the course.  Know your parents and MSA teachers want the very best for you and of you!  When you feel like throwing in the towel, don’t!  It is worth it – every dollar, every assignment and every night at the kitchen table!  God is good and He is working through the Morning Star Academy community.

Betsy Tubbs is the Senior Parks Manager for the City of Davenport Parks and Recreation Department. She and her husband are members of Bettendorf Christian Church.  Betsy served on the MSA school board for 12 years. The Tubbs’ have two children – a son and a daughter – both are graduates of Morning Star Academy.  

2 thoughts on “Stay the Course

  1. Thank you for your encouragement to stay the course Betsy! As a parent of college students, I can agree with everything you wrote. Morning Star has been an incredible blessing.


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