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We are a collaborative team of Morning Star Academy faculty, parents, board members, staff and alumni connected by faith and our desire to see Classical Christian Education flourish in the Quad Cities and in young people’s hearts and minds. Keep reading to learn more about us.

Laura Miller

MSA Parent

Laura Miller holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Western Illinois University and a Doctorate of Chiropractic degree from Palmer College of Chiropractic.  She loves to cook, read, play volleyball, travel and watch her daughters play golf.  Laura and her husband Matt have three daughters, the youngest of which attends Morning Star Academy. 

Kaitlin Walsh

MSA Parent & Visual Artist

Kaitlin Walsh is an independent artist specializing in abstract anatomy paintings. She enjoys portraying the beauty and complexity of the human body through her store, Lyon Road Art. Kaitlin lives happily in Bettendorf, Iowa with her husband and three children. Two of her children are students at Morning Star Academy. For more information about Kaitlin’s artwork, please visit

Joel Rohde

MSA Parent & Basketball Coach

Joel Rohde served as pastor of worship and youth at North Ridge Community Church in Eldridge for 14 years before transitioning to his current role as pastor of worship and discipleship.  Joel has a deep love for the the church and Classical Christian Education. He coaches fifth and sixth grade students at Morning Star Academy and is committed to using the sport as a tool to guide students toward a life of discipleship and service in God’s Kingdom.

Brenda Porter

Upper School Faculty

Brenda Porter teaches English, writing, and rhetoric at Morning Star Academy. She and her husband, Rob, are the parents of three grown daughters. 

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Kendra Thompson

Director of Communications

Kendra Thompson is a children’s minister, a writer, a Morning Star parent and now, part-time director of communications. She and her husband, John, love that their kids’ faith is incorporated into their learning at Morning Star Academy.

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Pam Rohde

Upper School Faculty

Pam Rohde teaches Bible, worldview, and art at Morning Star Academy. She loves teaching in an environment where students are encouraged to grow not only in knowledge, but also discernment and discipleship. Pam and her husband, Joel, have four children at MSA.  

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Anna Carrington

MSA Parent

Anna Carrington is a graduate of Wheaton College (IL), a freelance editor, and an avid reader. She teaches children’s Sunday School and Bible studies for women who speak English as a second (or third) language at Christ Church in Moline. Anna and her husband Wes have two sons at Morning Star.

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